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somehow i gained followers while being as unactive as i am
wow how
on another note i accidentally ordered two 1/8 Zelos Wilder figures on amiami before they stopped taking pre-orders




     “Repede? Ah, he’s fine. Just out stretching his legs.” Though, it was quite odd to see the partners in crime separated from one another. Still — there was a gentle sigh that seeped through his lips. Nothing to ridicule the pinkette, of course. "Don’t worry about it, Princess. It’s all good —"

          【❤】;; ❝Really? I guess that makes sense, you two can’t always be together.❞Nodding in understanding, the shorter of the two gave the other a smile. Of course they couldn’t be together all the time, it was just not an usual sight to see. ❝I didn’t worry though, I was just wondering you know❞

A meeting with a naivelittleprincess


Zelos returned her smile, assuring her “You’re not a bother, trust me. I’ve got plenty of time for such a lovely little cherry blossom such as you.” He watched her face, noting the underlying determination, and smiled a bit to himself. She reminded him a bit of Colette, not wanting to take up someone’s time and be a nuisance, especially with that gentle smile she kept giving him. He wondered briefly what his little angel was up too before turning his attention back to the pink-haired princess by his side.


“If you’d like to see a café, it’s no trouble at all” he informed the smiling girl. “I could use a bit of a refreshing drink myself, it’s pretty warm out here these days!” he laughed. It was nearly the peak of summer now, and the afternoon heat could sometimes grow quite unbearable to walk around in, especially in a crowded part of town where there wasn’t even room for a breeze to sneak between the buildings. Where he and Estelle were walking now wasn’t too bad, but Zelos was still a bit thristy and he was sure she probably was too. She just seemed the type to be too polite to say anything. “So, what do you say, shall we go for some iced coffee? Or do you have a particular drink you’re fond of?”

     There wasn’t always she would let someone convince otherwise that what she had decided, but for once did it seem like the person she currently found herself with honestly wanted to, at least that was what he tried to convince her to believe. And in the end so did some refreshing drink sound particularly enjoyable at the moment, therefore did Estelle follow out with their next stop. ❝If you say so, but if anything becomes a bother, please do tell me, I really don’t want to keep you busy while you have other things to tend to.

     Making sure to listen to the other, the pink haired princess nodded once.❝Iced coffe—? Yes, that does sound nice, it works just fine.❞ A smile appeared on her face, doing her best to focus on the male instead of getting too caught up in her thoughts, something she often ended up doing accidentally. Actually so did she prefer iced tea, but that wasn’t due to believing that iced coffee was worse, she just didn’t like the taste of the usual black coffee, which made her show favorism towards the iced tea just like how she showed favorism towards tea over all.




Seeing as I have reached follower milestones on both my Richard and Lambda blogs, I thought I would celebrate by hosting a giveaway as a thanks to all the wonderful people I have interacted with here. Since I reached 300 followers for Richard and 100 for Lambda, I will be giving away a total of 4 prizes!



1. This is for my followers only. Thus anyone who follows me after this has been posted regretfully will not be included (however I will be doing this again in the future if I hit another milestone so do keep your eyes open)
2. You may like or reblog to indicate your interest. You will not receive an additional entry for doing both. 
3. However you can receive additional entries! I currently run 3 RP blogs so you will receive 1 entry for each of my blogs that you follow as well as 1 entry for each blog in which we have a thread, therefore you may receive a maximum of 6 entries. (so for example: You follow both my Richard and Lambda blogs, and we have a thread on my Richard blog - you will get 3 entries)
4. If you have multiple blogs, please only enter with one of them. 
5. Deadline to enter is January 20th, 2013
6. I will both post and send messages to the winners so please have your ask box open. If you do not respond by the 25th then I will draw another name.
7. Please note that unless I have less than 4 entries, each person may only win a single prize irregardless of how many times their name is in the pool.




1. A full set of the Tales of- Photo Album featuring 12 Tales of- boys in their suits. (as pictured above since I fail at describing things)
[Note: anticipated release is late March/early April]

2. Any 1 nendoroid (small anime figurine) that is presently available to order or pre-order at the time of the drawing. (If you are not familiar with these and you win I can assist you in showing you what is available/your choices are)

3. One season/part of a TV show/anime of the winner’s choice (excluding special collectors sets) that is available at the time of drawing

4. Any one video game for console and/or handheld (excluding special/collector editions) that is presently released or available for preorder at time of drawing.

Note: keep in mind that some of these items will be pre-orders and others will have to be ordered after the drawing of the winner so it will result in a delay in your receiving these items as I have to get them first. If for some reason your first choice is unavailable I may have to ask you to select another. 

Also please note you will have to be comfortable giving me a mailing address to send the prizes to.


Again thank you to everyone that has made my time here so enjoyable thus far! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with every one of you and I hope I can continue to look forward to roleplaying with all of you!

300 Follower Giveaway



Thank you to everyone again for the support over the past months that I’ve been apart of this fandom! I apologize in advance for failing to read more this giveaway.

Anyway, I am a Tales blog, and there is a very special thing coming out in February, so it makes sense that I do something with that special thing, right?

I will be giving away one (1) copy of the North America Collector’s Edition of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles*. Just as a reminder, below are a picture of the package (ripped from GameStop cuz I’m lazy) and a description of its contents (also ripped from GameStop cuz I’m lazy).


  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles PS3 Game
  • 5 Chibi Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Figurines
  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Multi-Disc music soundtrack
  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles printed novel
  • Collector’s Packaging featuring exclusive artwork by ufotable
  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Steelbook Case
  • Exclusive Tales of Symphonia Chronicles DLC Theme
  • Numbered and limited to 15,000 units

Included will also be one (1) Tales of Festival paper bag (cuz I had an extra left over from ToF 2013, and why not? It’s an adorable bag), pictured below:



And also one each of these small ToS and ToX2 poster things, cuz I have extras of them, too:


This giveaway will go from now until 11:59:00pm (23:59:00) on Saturday, February 8th EST. I know it’s a long time, but I want to give as many people a shot as possible.

Rules (ripped mostly from Ver’s giveaway—literally copied and pasted with a few tweaks—cuz I’m lazy, and she ripped and tweaked them from Megan’s, so…):

  • Winner will be drawn using an Excel file and random.org and will be sent asks on February 9th and 10th (just in case because Tumblr you know). If no answer by the 14th, I will draw someone else.
  • I’ll be using a shuffler to randomize the number to which the names belong in the Excel file (i.e. the first person to reblog/like will not necessarily be in the number 1/2 cell).
  • Make sure your ask box is open in the event you do win. 
  • You have to be comfortable giving me your address so I can ship it, anywhere in the world. It’ll be from the U.S., in any case.
  • You are allowed one (1) reblog and one (1) like. Each will get you one (1) entry, unless you already follow me (see below). 
  • You don’t have to be following me from before the giveaway, but if you already do, you get an extra entry in the giveaway for each entry you make, which means that my current followers can have their name entered up to four (4) times. This is a giveaway for my current followers, so they deserve an extra chance, and this is not a ploy to get more.
  • I am not going to count multiple of the same person’s blogs entering as multiple entries (i.e. one person cannot have more than four (4) entries). If you do see fit to reblog this on more than one account, I will disqualify you. Not to be mean, but I’m doing this cuz I love you guys, and it’d be pretty rude to try to cheat someone else out of a chance.
  • Giveaway blogs will not be included in the drawing, nor will non-followers.

* Note that this means the winner will not receive the package on the day the game comes out, cuz while I’m forking out to buy this (yes, I already have one preordered for the giveaway), I am not paying for overnight shipping.

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